Mr.Kuldeep Sunuwar the most intelligent,

Mr.Kuldeep Sunuwar the most intelligent, honest and popular fellow among many. He is one with open heart and mind. His smiling manner and blood toil and sweet at U.N. as friendly officer. I am still touch every qualities. He bears during his life. Mr. Kuldip had got many awards for his professional excellence. I still owe myself because I gain so many technical and non technical, professional and non professional activities which are very needful for human survival as a social being. I lack words how gentle he was and how amusing he was. I think he was the right man for right place and right action. He never spoil his time and missused himself in no place.
    Men born and die that is the natural process but your untimely death always touch the heart of me which always humbles my mind. I would say he was no notal dabbler in any arts. He was the confident, impressive personalities with in the office and outwards. I think his body existence in this material world is the end but the spiritual soul always give us inspiral to success our life.

Basanta Paudel (SUMEENA)
Chitawan, Nepal

Author - Basanta paudel (sumeena) | Posted on Aug 4 2008 Monday | Views : 2513
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